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Why consign with Hoody's? is built with the customer in mind. Through our interactive platform, consignors are in the "driver's seat" and are given the ability to control the process in a manner suitable to them.

Hoody's Offers

Clients the opportunity to watch their live auctions on their own, uniquely formatted web page (on

Access to a Hoody's team member in minutes, through our unique Messenger system.

All customers and clients are kept in-the-loop through frequent newsletters, social media postings, etc. Hoody's touches all the bases within the sports card industry, including consignment, group breaks, and retail.

The Hoody's reputation and brand means strong exposure and top dollar for your items. Listings consigned through Hoody's constantly see a premium when compared to identical items sold by less established ebay sellers.

How do we gain exposure for the customer?

Marketing. Hoody's has evolved with the industry and is constantly growing its advertising strategies through social media, newsletters, televion exposure, mailing lists, and more). The more we do, the larger dollar figure your consignments may acheive!

Industry. By touching all the bases, Hoody's gains exposure through niche markets sharing a similar customer base.

Fans. We have a following in the group breaking, local retail, and ebay sports cards/memorabilia communities. The more expertise we acquire, the better your consignments will sell.